Portrait de Ke Wen


Ke Wen embodies today the french-chinese intercultural and the specificity of a teaching . Her strength was to impose herself a challenge, to walk in the opening toward the other one. « When the sky entrusts a mission to a being, this person has to cross all the tests and to work on its will and courage  » she says. To accomplish her « mission » in France, she found this courage in the creation, she drew her path without neglecting anything of the joyful sharing of her research and knowledge, of her experience, her artistic work, not only with the teaching profession, but also with the public.

She irrigates the soul of “les Temps du Corps” because far from the austerity which borders on the isolation, acting on the contrary in the enthusiasm, she goes to meet beings without hiding anything of her passion. And the publication of her two books helps us today not only to understand better the chinese culture, but to communicate also the state of mind which presided over its mission.

The difficulties were present, but her determination, perseverance allowed her to overcome them. Together, Ke Wen and Dominique Casays crossed obstacles; they chose not to approach to institutions, but also to maintain the associative status of the center with the certainty to make a just choice to be themselves in spite of the success and the recognition.

Christina BERTELLI and Yovan GILLES