Qi Dance

Interview Ke Wen

Ke Wen : Qi Gong is there for health, in order to manage stress and emotions, to provide vitality. With Qi Dance you also find that but, thanks to the dance, the free expression of each one is awoken. So, it becomes a spontaneous Qi Gong with awareness of the spiral movement and the concept of unity between the center and extremities. All this allows people to awaken and feel free to express more. So, for those who take Qi Gong courses, it helps them to deepen the essence of gestures and internalize them at the same time in their bodies.

Q : How did you conceive of Qi Dance ?

K.W : Qi Dance is primarily a passion that has been lasting for twenty years. In China the origin of dances is the origin of martial arts. Human beings have always awakened their body to also open the depth of their being. Any kind of dance seeks to release what is inside oneself. I danced a long time with musicians without knowing what they were going to play, but I felt the rhythm, I felt a spiral movement, and a form of communication.

At the beginning in China all the Masters of martial arts practiced free movements listening to what they felt like at in present moment. With time they created rules and Tai Ji and Qi Gong were used as their basis. Qi Dance for me is a dance with nature, not forgetting its shamanic side.

All the movements are spirals and directed by the pelvis in order to lead the rhythm, the same that we find in art, music, etc. It is the pelvis that is radiant and that makes our whole body resonate.
One does not search for the perfection of movement nor the perfect technique. Qi Dance is a way of listening to oneself. Everyone has the potential and capacity and can therefore practice Qi Dance.

Q : Did you create Qi Dance or did it already exist ?

K. W : In some way it already existed, but as it is taught at ‘Les Temps du Corps’, we effectively created it. With Marceau Chenault we have been deepening our research for three years in order to find the relationship between Qi Gong, martial arts and dance. Qi Dance is a mix of modern dance with the body awareness of Chinese methods.
Qi Dance is a novelty but mixed with Qi Gong and contemporary dance.


Nevertheless, Qi Dance has got a single language. They are in contact with each other. A raised hand can give birth to a spontaneous movement. Each movement is born from the other. When one is aware that one is not alone, it gives an impulse toward movement. There is a resonance with others. The body is taking up space in the universe.

Q : What is the importance of improvisation in this method ?

K.W : It is very important as one has to find the fluidity of QI within one’s body, with the desire to want to express. We also find it in Qi Gong; we call it the movement of spirit or soul. We feel desire to move and it is good for us and liberates us, a bit like in sacred dances of the shamans.

Q : Who can practice Qi Dance ?

K.W : First, those who are already practicing Qi Gong because it is a way to awaken another form of consciousness. In Qi Dance there are three basic ways in which the principles of Qi Gong are combined into the unity of body and then, once the work is done, the movement speed is varied.
We alternate between slow Qi Gong movements and fast like in Chen style Tai chi in which the rhythm is accelerated to allow the expression of Qi and we move again from slow to fast, and so on to find fluidity.

Everyone can follow the course of Qi Dance if one is interested in Chinese energetic practices but also, simply, if you love to dance or you love the rhythm. Same if we try to wake up our body awareness.

Q : What is the connection between meditation and Qi Dance ?

K.W : Basic methods of Qi Dance help us to awaken Qi. Meditation helps us go toward to a path of peace. In meditation it is the being that turns toward itself. In the fullness inside we want to express what we are, and then this is the importance of dance in this context. In Qi Dance meditation shows two sides of the same truth. Meditation also helps to find the true sense of Qi Dance.

Q : How Qi Dance is perceived in China ?

K.W : Qi Dance has attracted many young people in China. Because of 3 years teaching with Marceau Chenault in Shanghai it has attracted more and more people. It is an intercultural path that makes Chinese people aware of the roots of their culture in art and modernity.
They see me dancing and think it’s great. Qi Dance takes them toward dance, but not just like any kind of dance. Qi Dance awakens body awareness, which helps us be healthy, regain emotional balance, vitality and find spirituality.

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