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Couverture entrez dans la pratique du qi gong Couverture La voie du calme
Entrez dans la pratique
du Qi Gong

La voie du calme


20th anniversary of Les temps du corps 20th anniversary of Chinese Culture Center: Les Temps du Corps

DVD -1 “The Rhythmic Breath “show at Alhambra of Paris on December 2012. From a Ke Wen’s idea and Luc Petton’s choreographic direction
The poetic conference of Cyrille JAVARY. Speech of Mrs. KE Wen and Mrs. XIAO Min vice Minister Sports of China.
DVD.-2 Documentary “Les voies du qi gong “directed by Alain PITTEN
 » … Of this music of silence, where body and spirit join, appears a dance step, which reaches us to life. ”Cyrille Javary

DVD Qi Gong of losing weight Qi Gong of losing weight – Qi Gong anti stress

For the loss of weight, Master KE WEN uses energy movements, special breaths with pelvis movements and meditation.
Simple and deep exercises which can be practiced by all for emotional balance.

Jaquette Qi Gong des Poumons Qi Gong of lungs – general Qi Gong

General Qi Gong is the most wide-spread method of the Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong. The supple sequence of 8 movements is practiced with music. It circulates the energy in the body, softens the articulations and maintains the organs functions. It is an excellent basic method of Qi Gong. Qi Gong to feed lungs and strengthen the energy includes also 8 movements which aims at cleansing lungs, circulate and strengthen the energy of lungs in all the body. This method is excellent to maintain vitality.

Jaquette Qi Gong du coeur et des Poumons Qi Gong of heart

This method contains 8 movements. The exercises strengthen heart and respiratory system, and help to settle the tension and blood circulation. This sequence of movements is supple and graceful, and is also a very good method to balance body and spirit.

Tendons and muscles

This method contains also 8 movements.
The exercises make supple and strengthen tendons, restore vigor and tonus in muscles. It can be used as an energy and physical warm-up. It is also an excellent method to maintain the osteo -articular system of legs, arms and vertebral column.

Jaquette Qi Gong des 5 organes Qi Gong to strengthen the vitality of 5 organs

Double DVD: a seated and standing method each method contains sequence of 10 movements to nurture 5 organs and strengthen the vital energy. In Chinese traditional medicine, five organs are – heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver.
They produce and store fundamental substances: the blood, the energy, the vital essence. They also manage the psyche and emotions, connected with 5 elements – fire, metal, water, earth and wood – The seated method is appropriate to seniors which cannot practise during a long time the standing exercises, to the convalescent, as well as to those who look for seated exercises which we can practice at home or to the office. Standing method suits to all, and allows to strengthen the vital energy by harmonizing 5 organs.

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