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Qi Dance

Qi Dance resonates in its birth place, the sacred Mount Wudang
Shanghai Bund… along the Huangpu River


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Meditation Shanghai Bund Shanghai Bund Shanghai Bund



Qi Dance Shows


Album GlamourThe ocean of moon
Louise Vergo and Ke WenInner Phoenix
Glamour-Bar-1Rhythmic Breath
Vignette Album GlamourTia Di Ren



Study travel and vocational training

2014 is a special year, 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, I came to China with nearly 100 students of « Les Temps du Corps » to end their third years of Qi gong vocational training, the largest group for twenty years of cultural exchanges.
A mind-body travel of sharing, exchange and fulfillment of soul. Our trip began at Beijing University of Physical Education, received by the renowned master Zhang Guang De, founder of Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong, then at Beidaihe we celebrated twenty years of close relations with Qi Gong hospital and the creation of the first Franco-Chinese Symposium of Qi Gong research. After ten days of practice, demonstrations and conferences, we had rendez-vous with mysteries, beauty and spiritual strength of the sacred Mountain Jiu Hua Shan.

JiuhuashanJIU HUA SHA
beijing universityBEIJING University
JiuhuashanJIU HUA SHAN