Qi Gong


My first book « Enter the practice of Qi Gong, learn the basics and philosophy of Qi Gong » …. is the result of a long experience of teaching Qi Gong in the West. I present an innovative method that combines the essence of traditional Qi Gong and clear pedagogy. This book was a success, after several reissues it still attracts many readers, it is a reference book. Its clarity and progressive instruction on conducting essential energy movements helps elevate one’s awareness and consciousness.

« … Over the past 20 years

there have been so many powerful, strong and unforgettable moments shared with my French students and Chinese teachers in Paris and other french cities, Lumbrun, in China at Bedaihe, and in the Sacred Mountains of Jiu Huan Shan, Wu Dang Shan and Qing Sheng Shan. All these moments have affected and touched the unity of mind and body and creative soul.

I have devoted my energy mainly to class structure, research and the development of education in this training school. Qi Gong has become a school of life where we share intercultural exchange. It’s a dynamic living way, a rich experience leading students to the enrichment of being and true transformation.

Thanks to research and the passion of all my students to Chinese wisdom and practice of Qi Gong, they have enriched this path of Qi. In this intercultural exchange, they built with me the quality, reputation of the school les Temps du Corps as an international reference, which actually contributes to the Franco-Chinese cultural exchange, outreach and dissemination of Qi Gong culture in France and worldwide. I thank from the bottom of my heart all the Chinese teachers who came to “les Temps du Corps” who shared their most authentic, richest education. Their influence has deeply influenced the French students.

Master ZHANG Guang De
Master SHEN Xin Yan
Ms MOK Zhuang Min
Master YU Ding Hai
Master LIU Ya Fei
Master FENG Yi Jian
Master ZHANG Ming Liang
Master YUAN Li Min
Maître LIU Shui Bin

A bridge of exchange between France and China.

Ke Wen led to the introduction and dissemination of authentic Qi Gong methods and Chinese energetic techniques in France and in Europe, especially in the center of Chinese culture les Temps du Corps that she created with her husband Dominique Casays. Ke Wen has trained over 1,000 students in its graduate school of deep training Qi Gong in collaboration with the University of Physical Education in Beijing and the first National Bedaihe Qigong Center.

This property plays a key role in the spread of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Chinese philosophy in France and Europe in conjunction with following leading institutes renowned in China:

> National Center Beidaihe Qigong

> Dao Yin Yang sheng Gong Center of the University of Education in Beijing

> The National Association of Qi Gong Health of China, the official Chinese Federation of Qi Gong.

> University of Physical Education Shanghai.

> San Feng Martial Arts School of Wudang Mountain./ The Taoist school of Hui Chun Gong.

> The Chinese Institute of Medicine Huang Ting Beijing.

> Martial Arts School of Qingsheng Mountain

Kewen en photo avec différents maîtres