Tai Ji Quan

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Ke wen La pensée du taiji

« It is necessary to distinguish Tai ji quan, boxing Taiji and thought of Taiji. The thought of Taiji is the root of Chinese culture, it is a vision of the cosmology and human life; it shows itself in all the philosophy and Chinese art. It is the wisdom which gives us the capacity to plan and manage changes in the appropriate direction. It asks us to reflect and adapt to various circumstances whilst looking for the harmony, fluidity and naturalness. »

Tai ji quan is Tai Ji boxing which concretizes this in the work of the body and spirit. It is a realization of the being through the body: the strength and power are connected with softness and slowness. The deep peace gathers the body, qi and consciousness in the unity to awaken the potential to live.

For me Qi gong and Tai ji quan are inseparable.

From the beginning I practiced both the daoyin yang sheng gong and tai ji quan to Kunming. They have the same principles of physical structure, according to the Chinese thinking and philosophy. The root being reborn with internal strength, fluidity, lightness is reborn; with the opening of the spirit, the center is connected with the depth of the being.

Body unity establishes a global language, which communicates with nature and the universe.
I began the practice of style Yang in 1986, with Madam Deng Jie Wei and met several times the great martial art Masters Sha Guo Zhaen and Master He Fu Sheng, one of the greatest masters of the Xing Yi School.
I always continued to practice the style of Yang and widened in my knowledge towards the other styles, towards the TaiJi hand of Master Zhang Guang De.

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For ten years I have been fascinated by this practice, which represents for me, the best synthesis between Qi Gong and Taij quan, this method associates perfectly the therapeutic aspect and the martial art aspect. In 1994, following my first journey to Beidaihe, I began the practice the Wu style with Master Feng Yi Jian, and continue to improve the Yang style. Master Feng Yi Jian is the follower of Master Li Jin Wu, one of the greatest masters of Taiji quan in China. I was lucky enough to meet him in 1994 and again in 1995, the power of his Tui Shou, in his wheelchair, in front of young students, marked and impressed me even to this day, his modesty and his greatness of spirit.

Every year, when I return to Bedaihe, with my students, I always work with Master Feng Yi Jian, He is the master who represents for me, the excellence of the practice and Taiji spirit, where the extreme power crosses softness.

Ke Wen and Liu Shui Bin

In 2001, I went to the Taoist mountains of Qing Cheng Shan, on that occasion I met Master Liu Sin Bin, heir of the martial arts school of Qing Cheng Shan. The following year, I returned there with my students, to study Taiji quan of Qing Cheng school. A powerful internal style, with a remarkable efficiency on both health and vitality, stemming from secret Taoists techniques. Since then, with our annual journeys and our multiple exchanges, narrow links have been woven with « les temps du corps ».

From 2004, I began every year to take my students to the Wudang Mountains, the cradle of Taiji Quan, internal martial arts and Taoism. The meetings with various masters went deeper and continued to enhance my knowledge, to reach the essence of the practice: lively as a tiger, powerful as a dragon, light as a bird, as quick as lightning, calm as the moon. All these demonstrations of Qi should be connected with deep peace and non-being.
From 2005 I created the school of five animals of Wudang in France, I invited each year Master Yuan Li Min to France, to continue training teachers and students. Thanks to this work of transmission and development of Wudang school in France, I was named “Heiress of Wudang Martial Arts“ by the administration office of martial arts of Wudang.

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