Qi Dance

Enseignement et Formation du Qi Dance

In the first level of Qi Dance we are going to study 3 basic methods :

1. Fluidity of the body: stretching of meridians with contact then without contact, which is finished by an improvisation of free hands dance on the body (man), then on the ground (earth) and in the air (sky). The first method of fluidity is a powerful method which moves directly into improvisation by warming-up.

2. The essential movements of Qi Dance: a sequence of movements that varies between slow and fast speeds according to specific techniques of the pelvis, the spinal column and wrists. This expression of the spiral energy is the spirit of Qi Dance.

3. The movements ‡ two: contact with a partner allows one to work better and to know one’s own body, and is an excellent method to feel body communication between your partner and oneself, as well as with the surroundings and the cosmos. Workshops are planned in progression, but they can be followed separately.

Image Ke Wen et Marceau

The 3rd workshop of 3 days – Adds the practice of meditation. We will use Chan Buddhist meditation to enter into a peaceful deep meditative state and to discover the source of creativity of one’s self. Every weekend, we shall study the essential movements, working in pairs, then we will improvise and move freely according to various themes, to awaken the deep emotions by harmonizing them according to the 5 rules of Chinese philosophy movements.