The ocean of moon

Paris at Alhambra from Ke Wen’s idea and Luc Petton’s choreographic direction .
Dancers: Marceau Chenaut, Marie Sinnaeve, Ke Wen, Thomas Lahti


Rhythmic Breath

Conception by Ke Wen and Choreographic direction by Luc Petton


29th festival of Martial Arts- Paris, february 15th 2014

Ke Wen & Marceau Chenault


Mountain of high purity

Music by Alain KREMSKY, Buddhist sacred bowls. Large bowls of Taoist ceremony. Gongs from Burma with sacred dance Ke Wen.


Duo duel

Rhythmic breath from Ke Wen’s idea and Luc Petton’s choregraphic direction at Alhambra Paris.
Dancers: Marceau Chenaut and Ke Wen




I have been truly glad and honored to receive this short film from Wudang office.
Here is below a short translation extract from the Chinese-french film version.
« 10 years, 3650 days, a pleasant number which contains beautiful emotions. The taiji of wudang, a subject of large depth, for the culture, love, tradition, an example of successful spread of the culture, and an ambassadress of the culture walking between China and France, for years thanks to her constant efforts , she has developped the culture of taiji of Wudang in France, building a wonderful and solid bridge. This important past gives her an inestimable prize.(..) At the same time the special administrative district of Wudang offered her of the most beautiful present, the General Secretary of the labor office, the secretary of tourism department, the Responsible for martial arts office are present today to welcome her and her students The government of Wudang awards her the title of president’s honor of the martial arts office of wudang and Heiress of the martial arts lines. Indefatigable researcher of the Way propagator of the oriental and western culture president of “ les temps du corps ” Paris. This small film is made to show our immense respect, our profound enjoyment to receive Ke Wen and her students.

Chemin de l’harmonie


The ways of Qi Gong

Documentary directed by Alain Pitten , a group of students of vocational training in Qi Gong at « les temps du corps » is filmed over their journey in France and China.
We discover the pedagogy of Qi Gong teaching and the key-role of Ke Wen in transmission of the Chinese culture.Many testimonies and interviews of students, Chinese masters, Ke Wen and Dominique Casays allow to better understand, the vital energy, the « Qi » and the great development of Qi Gong in western countries.



Shanghaï Academy Ke Wen and Marceau Chenault


Jiu Hua Shan mountain. Temple of Heaven terrace

A moment of deep Harmony ,shared with you from the Temple of Heaven terrace at Jiuhuashan, one of the four sacred mountains of Buddhism in China, offers a unique experience for meditation, powerful nature strengthens our energies.. wind blows body-mind’ s oneness, we feel, breathe the powerful and peaceful intentions of Nature.


The red phoenix

Phoenix rouge has been performed by Ke Wen , Paris-February 2014


Snow Dance

A movie from Sylvie Levey,
Dance and choregraphy by Ke Wen and Marceau Chenault